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Sexual Health Clinic

Family Planning


Our clinics offer all methods of contraception or can advise and direct you to another clinic for some of the methods. Options include the combined pill, the patch, the ring, the mini pill (progestogen only pill) condoms and diaphragms and the long acting reversible methods (LARC). These methods are much more effective than the pill or condoms and provide worry free contraception. The injection (depo-provera) lasts for 12 weeks, the rod (inplanon) lasts for 3 years, the coil (IUD) lasts for 5 -10 years and hormone coil (IUS) lasts for 5 years.

Contraception clinics also offer emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, advice and referral for termination of pregnancy, cervical smear tests for the over 25's (please bring your letter) and chlamydia testing for the under 25's.


A pregnancy can be the best and the worst thing to happen to a girl, depending on whether it is planned or not. And unplanned can become wanted, as well as the other way round.

The link below will take you through planning a pregnancy, confirming a pregnancy, seeking help if the pregnancy is wanted, unwanted or if you are unsure, and how to seek help if you suspect you may be having a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Community Gynaecology

We offer advice, treatment, and support on gynaecological problems/issues, contraceptive advice, arrangement for female sterilisation, termination of pregnancy advice and arrangements.