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Sexual Health Clinic

Genital Warts

Genital warts are warts that are found on the genitals (private parts.) They are a sexually transmitted infection (STI.) Sexually transmitted infections are viruses and bacteria (germs) that can be passed from one person to another during sex or intimate contact.


Many people carry the virus for genital warts and do not ever get warts. They may never know that they have the virus.

Warts can grow weeks, months or even years after you catch the virus.

The warts can grow anywhere around the genitals and anus. They may also grow inside the vagina, urethra or anus.

You may only have one wart, or you may have many. Some warts are tiny, others can grow larger. They may appear as a flat bump on the skin, or as a fleshy growth (like a wart you might see on your finger).

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